What is the use of this survey?
I use this survey to gather data for the empirical research of the Master thesis I am currently writing at Copenhagen Business School (Denmark).

What is your research about?
The focus of my research is within the scope of ‘user innovation’, an innovation paradigm that is the focus of research of leading scholars such as Eric von Hippel and Nikolaus Franke. The basic thesis of the ‘user innovation’ paradigm is that the users of particular products know often better what they need than vendors of those products. To enable users to tailor the products so that they meet their needs, some vendors have started to supply ‘toolkits for innovation’. In my thesis I will concentrate on the hurdles that users encounter in their innovation process.

How will we benefit from the outcomes of this research?
A direct benefit might be difficult to define, but in general you can say. The more the vendor of products (e.g. WordPress) know about how users innovate on the basis of their products the better the toolkits can be tailored towards the user’s needs.

I haven’t heard about the WordPress toolkit?
You are right! There is nothing that is called The WordPress Toolkit. However, WordPress includes many characteristics of a toolkit. Here they are listed:

  • It is open source, which mean that users can change everything if they want.
  • There is an Theme option that allows users to modify the public design of their weblog.
  • There is a Plug-in API that allows users to build their own functionalities on top of the WordPress platform.

So WordPress is ‘toolkit’ in itself?
Kind of … or even better a bundle of various toolkits!

I got another question?
Please, leave it in the comments and I will try to answer as soon as possible!


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