Dear Sir or Madam;

Hereby, I would like to invite you to participate in a survey about the barriers that user innovators (as WordPress’ plug-in, theme and hack developers) face in their development process. This survey is part of a master thesis research project that I am currently completing at Copenhagen Business School (Denmark).

The objective of this project is to investigate and describe the barriers that user innovators are confronted with during their innovative endeavors (e.g. building WordPress extensions). Understanding the characteristics of these ‘barriers’ is an important aspect of understanding the ‘user innovation’ phenomena. When vendors of products have a good comprehension of the ‘user innovation’ concept they will be able to provide better tools to users that would like to modify or innovate on top of the standard product. The aim of this survey is to gather the necessary data that will enables me to analyze and describe the barriers.

In the WordPress context this survey is aimed at successful or unsuccessful developers of plug-ins, themes and (source code) hacks. I selected the WordPress user community because of its size, activity and the opportunities for innovation and modification that are available to users with various levels of technical capabilities.

Please, click on the following link to complete the survey. Completing the survey will take you approximately five minutes.

In the final section of the end of the survey you can leave your name and e-mail address so that I can share the findings of my study with you. If you prefer anonymity, please point your RSS reader to

Kind regards,
Jochem Donkers


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